ziRail - Create Polygons with Strokes

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ziRail creates patch polygons along your strokes. These strokes are drawn directly on a mesh. Retopology is now fast and easy. 

Courtesy model by Niyazi

Used by thousands of users already.

Most of the ziRail's advanced features are a direct result of user requests. If you have an exceptional idea, we're committed to bringing it to life. While ziRail is currently in its beta version, rest assured that forthcoming updates will be provided. To ensure seamless access to future enhancements, it is recommended to have a Gumroad account. As part of the package, ziWireframe is also included with your purchase.

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They have already bought our tools:

"At that time I was really looking for a fast retopology tool and I immediately bought ziRail once I became aware of it. It was very helpful for me as I’ve had a lot of scanned props data at that job. I send you and your team a very big thank you for these wonderful plug-ins for Maya." (Vladimir Toma)


"I bought your plugins ziCut, ziRail and ziSpread and I'm very happy with them. All the plugins are great, very easy to use and very useful! Thank you so much for selling so many useful plugins! I will support you forever :D " (Nemi )

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Compatible from Maya 2019 through current (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Thanks for your support, we love our community!

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ziRail - Create Polygons with Strokes

153 ratings
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