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ziSpread - Even Edges Distribution

ziSpread will distribute the edges evenly and will attempt to preserve the curvature of your mesh.

[NEW] The algorithm also works for cable and tubes.

We frequently update the tool after reading feedbacks of users.

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"I use it almost every day at work ;) as a 3D Artist[...] I model just about any kind of footwear product you can possibly imagine, from designer concepts/plots, to already physically existing shoes. ziSpread helps me quickly smooth out the edge flow of my retopologized/low-poly models at the ease of a click. It couldn’t be any simpler, and it’s a no brainer for my workflow. Keep up the awesomeness guys." (Pedro Martins )

"ziSpread has a wide applicability and is fast to use. I wouldn’t want to miss it in my daily chore. My daily use of ziSpread is mostly in combination with Edit Edge Flow. Once I have at least 2 well developed sections defined I just grab all the edge loops in between and ziSpread them out. For me this is key to be able to do fast iterations of designs and still have good surface quality and curvature. Moving individual vertices by hand is an outdated paradigm. It's slow and inaccurate." (Tom L)

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Maya 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 for Windows

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ziSpread - Even Edges Distribution

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